Naughty Boxers

Getting married young and being very innocent, I quickly received an education about adult humor. I often had to ask my new husband what different phrases meant. Well that was 11 years ago, and I am still not fully aware of all the slang and adult phrases. However I am, shall we say, more versed in them now.

These boxers were at a little shop called Lazy One. They had the most hilarious t-shirts and boxers in their shop. I was originally going to share them with just the hubby, but decided to share them with you too.

For the right person, these boxers would make an excellent stocking stuffer or white elephant gift.
Moon River

Paws Off!

Rump Roast

Wanna Horse Around

Bear Cheeks

What do you think of these naughty undies? It is kind of difficult to decide on which one I like the best. Don't you love being cheeky? HaHa!


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