Recipe: Kevin's Salsa

My husband is an excellent cook, and he makes the best salsa. Kevin has agreed to share his top secret recipe with you. Try this salsa for your next taco night or for a tasty snack.

Mexican Rotel
16oz can of Diced Tomatoes
1 Large Lime
2 Serranos
3 Jalapenos
1/2 Cup of Cilantro
1 Lg. Clove of Garlic
1 Shallot

Chop up the Cilantro, Garlic, and Shallot. Place in food processor.

 Remove the seeds from the Serranos and 2 of the Jalapenos. Chop up all of the Serranos and Jalapenos. Place in food processor.

Place the Rotel, Tomatoes, and the juice of the lime in the food processor and blend to the consistency you prefer.

I prefer to have a smoother consistency without any big chunks. Don't forget the chips and something to drink. It's so good you may tear up.



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