Birthday Gifts for Her

Women hate telling their age, but they love the gifts that come along with being a year older. Next week is my birthday. While I'm not really looking forward to the number associated with it, I am looking forward to a special day.

My birthday wish list this year would make any woman happy. So here are the gifts I hope have a pretty bow on them for this year.

Having a portable writing platform would be wonderful. I have a tablet, but would love to have a keyboard so I could slip it in my purse and head out to write.

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Sometimes the best gifts are ones that are not tangible. Getting a gift card for a restaurant or someone offering to watch the kids so my husband could take me out on a date would be the best present ever! Just thinking about it makes me smile.

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Phones have become apart of our everyday existence, and we girls do love our accessories. I bought a hard case with silicone edges, and it is now turning colors. As you can imagine, I really don't want a phone case that looks dingy. This phone case is colorful, and still grown-up.

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Of course, we need something to put all of those accessories in. A purse! I was shocked at the price of this bag. It is only $16.71. A great gift for me, and easy on the wallet. Yay!

One of the best gifts is giving someone an experience instead of an object. Giving a gift card for an art class, skydiving, a manicure, or tennis lessons will be the gift they always remember. My activity of choice would be an art class. What would you pick?

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So, what will it be ladies? Would you pick something tangible or an activity? 

Happy Birthday, you young thing,


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