Fun Signs for Your Home or Office: Part 2

Everyone seemed to enjoy the Fun Signs for Your Home or Office post I did a while back. So, I thought I would do another one. I had to start off with my favorite sign because it has to do with shoes, of course. 

 This may not be word for word what the Scripture says, but I think it is pretty close. 
 I fell in love with this sign with I saw it. Chocolate is my go to when I need a "little" pick me up. 

 This sign is for my wonderful, technical, computer savvy husband. I thought this would be great for his desk. 
Finally, this sign is for my Mom. She is a professional shopper, and can sniff out a deal anywhere. I did learn from the best.

Do you have any fun signs in your house or office that speak about your character?

Signing out,


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