Happy Monday: A To Do List

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. This week is going to be a little different for the Whitaker family. My husband's SUV is in the shop getting repairs done. (He was in a wreck, and thankfully he is okay.) So, he has my car and the boys and I are stuck at home until he gets off work.

I thought I would take this time to share a few things that I am working on this week while we are staying at home. Thank goodness we have a/c. It is blazing hot out.

*Making a Home Management Binder. Have you ever made one of these?
Photo from A Bowl Full of Lemons
* Train Day for the Boys
Photo from Mom Endeavors

*Scanning paperwork. I am trying to go paperless, and now is a great chance to start.
*Baking Sugar Cookies. We'll see if J wants to help in the kitchen.
*Selling some things on Craigslist and EBay.
*Making Kevin's Father's Day Card
Photo from A Day In My Life

Of course there will be our daily routine, but it will be nice to throw in a few extra treats to make it seem like the walls are not closing in around us.

What do you do when you are stuck in all day? Happy Monday, everyone.


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