Colorful Pool Party

This past weekend my family and I were invited to a pool party at my future brother-in-law's house. The sun was blazing, and the water was nice and cool. It got me to thinking about the basic necessities for a great pool party. Everyone expects cool beverages and delicious food, but what about the rest?

Here are some of my picks for making a fun pool party come to life.

This cover up from Old Navy would have come in handy. I will wear this next time instead of using a t-shirt. :-)

Add a little color with this great beach towel from Target.

This dinnerware from Pottery Barn  is so fun and festive. I love it!

When your pool party goes into the evening, these outdoor lights from  World Market will keep the party going. (And they match the dinnerware, of course.)

Pool parties are meant to be fun, relaxing, and full of color. Add a little flair without the fuss, and have a great summer. Are you planning a pool party this summer? Let me know what your plans are.

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