Birth Gift Ideas for a New Mom

They were not joking when they said labor is hard work. You have loved and nurtured the baby inside of you for 9 long months, and the delivery time has finally arrived. All of this hard work deserves a little token of appreciation. Here are a few ideas on what to give the new mommy in your life.

*For my first son's birth, my husband gave me a beautiful ring with his birthstone. Every time I wear it, I think of my baby boy.

*With a new baby on board it will be difficult to sit down and put a photo album together. Have the pictures of the pregnancy, birth, and first days of baby at home made into a photo album. You can download the pictures and have the book made from the comfort of your own home by using Walgreen's.

*Babies changes so quickly, and you don't want to forget anything your bundle of joy does new for the first time.  Give the new mom a journal so she can write down baby's daily adventures.

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*Mommy and baby yoga is great for the mommy that wants to get moving and connect with her baby at the same time. Check your local area for class schedules and prices. A Frisco yoga studio, Breathe Yoga, offers 6 sessions for $95.

*One of the best gifts you can give a new mom is babysitting. Offer to keep the baby one afternoon so she can nap, or one evening so she can stay connected with her husband and go on a date. The gift of time is important and the new mommy will love your generosity.

Congrats to you and the new mommy on the new baby!



  1. Thank for sharing my journal. I just love connecting with new moms that want to remember their baby and toddler years as I have done.


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