Thomas the Train Theme Birthday Party

Thomas the Tank Engine is all the craze in our house these days. So naturally we threw my son, J, a Thomas birthday party for his 3rd birthday. He was so excited and has been talking about it ever since. He is even making plans to have a Percy party next year, and the present wish list is also getting pretty long.

For the invitations, I took a picture from google and put our information on the side. I used Publisher and they turned out great.

The party favor thank yous were just a smaller version of the invitation with Thomas puffing "Thanks for Coming" in a cloud of steam. Again I used Publisher and printed everything on card stock. I put a hole in the top corner to secure it to the goodie bag with ribbon. We filled the goodie bags with chocolate chip cookies, pencils, bracelets (for the girls), sticky throwing hands (for the boys), and bouncy balls.

The decor was simple but bright. We put up red balloons and blue streamers on the ceiling for a little excitement. The table cloth was Thomas and Friends, and I used a store bought Happy Birthday banner. Instead of spending a fortune of all of the Thomas themed cups, plates, etc., we bought red plates, blue cups, and blue napkins. It went well with the theme, and we saved some money.

We played two games at J's party. One game was Hot Train. You play Thomas themed music and the kids gently toss a toy train around in a circle. When the music stops, whichever child is holding the train is out. It is just like Hot Potato. The kids loved the game and the winner receive her very own wooden train and water color paints to decorate the train.

The other game was Pin the Funnel on Thomas. My mother was gracious enough to draw a Thomas on a poster board for me. Everyone wrote birthday wishes on the poster while the guests were still arriving. J still has the poster in his room. I created funnels (again using Publisher) and cut them out. Each child received a funnel with his/her name on it. I blindfolded and spun the child around a couple of times. With some of the little ones, I had to help direct them or they would have been way off. Having their names on the funnels helped keep track of who was the closest to Thomas' funnel. The winner of the game also received a wooden train and water color paint.

The games were followed by cake and opening of presents. J was the happiest 3 year old in the world that day. 


Pictures courtesy of Rachel Sanderlin Bobbitt

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