No Girls Allowed: Boy's Boutique

Well, I hate to admit it but, shopping for little boys is just not as much fun as shopping for little girls. There is hardly any selection, and when you do find something your child's size is always missing. There is good news though! While perusing through Frisco Mercantile, I came across this little boy's boutique that offers great cloths and gifts for the little guy in your life. No Girls Allowed is a great solution for your boy shopping woes.

This is a great gift for the rock star kid.
Every baby boy needs a manly bib. :-)
I love the frogs fishing on this chandelier, but I would change the lamp shades to something a little more masculine. Maybe a solid red shade without the fuzzy pom-poms. That is an easy fix, and this light would look great in any boy's bedroom.
This little guy's backpack is great for hauling around all of the toys he can't leave home without.

Do you have trouble finding great baby and toddler boy clothing? If you have found a boy boutique that you love, please share it with me.

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