Easy Ways to Dress up a Cake

This year my husband decided that he wanted me to make strawberry cake for his birthday. I wanted to dress up the cake and make it extra special. I added fresh strawberries all along the top of the cake to give it a more decadent look. As you can tell I am not a professional baker, but I do enjoy baking.

Here are some great tips for dressing up your next homemade cake:

*Put it on a fancy cake stand (Place parchment paper underneath the cake while icing the cake. The paper will catch the icing and make for an easy clean-up)
*If the cake is a fruit or citrus flavor use that fruit as a garnish on the cake.
*Use food coloring to brighten up any cake. It will change the color  and not the flavor of the icing. (For example: If the birthday boy/girl's favorite cake is lemon, make a lemon cake and use green food coloring in the icing. Place lime and lemon slices on the cake. You will have an instant lemon and lime cake.)
*Don't be afraid to put garnish around the cake. Candy always works great.
*Chocolate shavings will always make a cake look delicious and like you spent all day on it.
*Placing edible flowers on a cake is a quick decorating fix.
*Dress up a white cake by putting ribbon around the bottom of the cake. (Just don't eat the ribbon.)

Here's to all the birthday boys and girls out there. May you have your cake and eat it too. Happy Birthday!

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