How to Throw a Bunko Party

I attended my first bunko party a couple of weeks ago, and it was a different experience. The game is easy, and the food was great. So, what makes a successful Bunko party? Besides needing people, there is really not that much to it. Here are a few helpful tips when planning your bunko party.

*You will need open space. Clear furniture to make room for tables or add tables to existing sitting areas. This will be a high traffic area, so make sure there is no clutter in the way.

*As with a pot luck, have your guest bring a covered dish, dessert, or beverage. This will ensure that there is enough food, and if your guest know that you are relying on them to bring food they are more likely to come.

*Have the score cards and pens ready to go before your guest arrive.

*Everyone will have a chance to win a prize if you include prizes for the most bunkos, funkos, wins, and loses. You can make pies, cookies, or brownies as prizes if your group has a sweet tooth. Prizes could also include lotions, designer magnets, journals with pens, or personalized recipe cards. Use your imagination, but remember to keep it simple.

*You will need 3 dice for each table. Special note: If you have dice with white dots it will be harder to see. Use dice with black dots so the game will go faster.

Bunko parties are easy for the hostess. You have entertainment and conversation built into the night. Enjoy a fun night with your girlfriends.

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