Getting Sleep Before a Big Party

You have been planning for weeks, and there are still a thousand things to do before the day of the party. It is 2am and you can't sleep. You have made your to do list to try and ease your racing mind, but it doesn't help.

I recently discovered a trick that works everytime for me when I can't sleep. It doesn't cost a thing, and it works like a charm. I got the idea from Christina Katz, the author of Writer Mama. Here's what you do. Count backwards from 100. The trick is to visualize the numbers as you are counting. I try to imagine the numbers in different fonts. For example, I'll picture 99 as numbers on a jersey, or 98 as a street sign. Its harder than it seems, and I rarely get out of the 90's before my brain gives up and reliquishes my to do list to sweet sleep.

The next time you just can't get your mind to stop thinking about everything that you have to get done, try this little trick. Sweet dreams.

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