Party Pot Luck

Even during a resession we still want to have gatherings, good food, and great conversation.

Here's an idea. Have a pot luck with your closest friends. The pot luck is more safisticated now and no longer consists of just a pot of baked beans. Thank goodness.
Here are a few tips for your next pot luck:
* Prepare the main course in advance. You don't want to be in the kitchen when your guest are arriving with their entirees.
* Ask everyone to bring a side, dessert, or drinks. This ensures that everyone will not bring the same thing. Also, if someone knows that they are responsible for bringing a certain item they are less likely to ditch you the day of the pot luck.
* Have serving spoons, napkins, silverware, plates, and cups out and ready for use. You don't want to delay the party because you are looking for something to serve the bean dip with.
If you plan ahead, you will enjoy your own party and hopefully forget about the ressesion for at least one night.

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