For Charity

'Tis the season for giving to those that are less fortunate and need a helping hand. And no, I'm not suggesting that you give people alcohol.
I decorated a bottle like a tuxedo for a charity event. Guests placed bids on the bottle in exchange for prizes offered by different companies. The earnings went to charity.
How to:
I used self adhesive felt. Cut white piece into rectangle.
Cut an upside down triangle out of a retangle piece of black felt.
Place the self adhesive black felt piece on top of the white piece.
Using felt glue, attach black satin ribbon to the inside edge of the black felt.
Use felt glue to attach small black buttons or pom pom balls for the buttons.
The neck tie is made with black satin ribbon tied around the bottle neck and glued in place.
Let me know about your fundraising ideas!

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