Pierce is back in this exciting picture book, The Noisy Neighbor. The noises of the train yard and the neighboring farm are loud, but he is used to them. One evening, a new sound emerges and Pierce must investigate. As he searches the train yard the sound grows louder. Who could be the noisy neighbor?

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Pierce watches his favorite train go by his home every morning. One day the train doesn't pass by, and he begins to wonder if the train has disappeared. As he sets off to find the train, Pierce is met with an unexpected surprise.The Disappearing Train picture eBook will captivate and entertain your child every time it's read. Download your copy today!

Parenthood is filled with so many different stages, and some of them are crappier than others. Potty training seemed like the messiest of all stages, and it stressed me out at the thought of pee trails throughout my house. After coming up with a plan to reduce the mess and the stress of potty training, I experimented on my first born. It was a success! When the second boy child was ready to be potty trained, I tried the exact same method. Success again! 

I knew then that I had to share this method with other parents who find potty training stressful. Potty Training With Less Mess and Less Stress gives you a step by step guide to potty training your little one. You can order my eBook here!


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