Amanda is an author, blogger, and content consultant. Oddly enough, her passion with the written word began in her 7th grade Spanish class. She was required to write and illustrate an entire book in Spanish. The teacher had each student's book made into a hardback book that she later used for teaching Spanish the following year. After seeing her first book in print, she set out to explore the world of creative writing.

During high school and college, Amanda focused her studies on writing. She has a bachelor of Professional Development majoring in English and minoring in Entrepreneur Business from Southwestern Assemblies of God University. 

She has been published in various blogs, websites, and authored four books and three eBooks for a school curriculum company. Amanda takes pride in her work and provides quality, creative work within each deadline. 

Amanda loves reading good books, magazines, and blogs. Yoga and antique shopping are her two favorite past times, and she loves driving her husband crazy by predicting the end of TV shows and movies before the story line is ever established. 

She now resides is a little suburb north of Dallas, Texas, with her loving husband and three adorable children. 

Want to see how Amanda can help with your project? Contact her, today!


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