Theme Day Ideas for at Home Learning

We are still getting in the grove of e-learning. This was to be the first year all the kids were in school. Well, that was cut short.

Our school district counts attendance and grades even though we are under a stay at home order. I’m learning to choose my battles, and the kids have been amazing through all of the upheavals.

One of the biggest surprises is how much they love themed days. They asked to have a pajama day at home. I agreed. We decided themed days were a perfect fit for at home school. But they have to be easy and not waste precious resources.

Here are a few ideas on our list.

Pajama Day
The easiest!

Superhero Day
Dress up as your favorite hero. It could be fictitious or a real-life hero.

Professional Day
Dress up or make badges of a profession that your child wants to be when they grow up.

Favorite Holiday
Wear Christmas sweaters or play holiday music as they study. Pick a holiday and go crazy.

Stuffed Animal Day
Bring a favorite stuffed animal to your study area. They can have a baby, as we call them, to cuddle with while reading and listening to lessons.

Crazy Hair Day
Dig out the leftover color hair spray from Halloween. Use every bow in the house. Use whatever you have.

Sports Day
Dress in a team jersey. Dress up as a gymnast. Cheerleader outfits count too. Bring out the sweatbands and wrist bands. Take plain t-shirts and let the kiddos design jerseys.

Hat Day
Let the kids pick a hat to wear. Train conductor hat, cap, shower cap, beach hat, fishing hat. You get the idea.

Cozy Day
Whatever makes your child feel cozy. It could be a cup of hot chocolate. My eldest always wants a pillow and blanket to cuddle up with while reading. Allow them to personalize their space. Their version of cozy may surprise you.

Book Day
Have the kids talk, act, and dress as their favorite book character. We've had trouble getting ebooks from the library and school library. We have eased our reading requirements a bit to allow audiobooks because of this. The kids still have to do daily reading, but they have days that are just for audiobooks.

Try Something New Day
Let your child choose something they've always wanted to try. It could be a new food. Maybe they want to try doing a cartwheel. They could try a new art media. If they come up with the idea, they will want to go through with it. Just make sure it’s safe.

Letter Day
Let your child write a letter or draw a picture to a family member, friend, person in a nursing home, first responder, hospital workers, garbage truck driver, or military personnel. The list could go on forever.

I’d love to hear your theme day ideas.

I know this time is difficult. If you haven’t heard it lately. You’re doing a good job. Give everyone in your house a little extra grace during this time. Give yourself a little extra grace as well.

We will get through this.


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