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Raising children is a full-time job, and I've tried to squeeze writing in during naps or late at night. Now that all three of the kiddos are in school, I can make writing and illustrating more of a priority. I used to draw almost every day when I was a kid, but grown-up life happened and the dream faded. I'm making up for lost time and experimenting with watercolor and gouache. To help me along the way, I have watched a few talented ladies on YouTube. Their styles are drastically different, and this allows me to learn more techniques and form my artistic style. Here's what I'm watching now.

If you love watercolor botanicals, then Shayda Campbell is the one to watch. I wanted tutorials on leaves and flowers to add to my illustrations. The instruction and techniques she offers on her tutorials can also be applied to greeting cards and seasonal illustrations. Shayda shares about being an artist and her experiences as a digital nomad. 

Take a look at Steph Seed from The Average Artist if you love the idea of using multiple media. She has written a book, a day in the life comic, and a horror comic book. I don't read horror, but I love hearing her story and getting a glimpse of her journey. She uses moody colors and isn't afraid to mix things up. I usually end up laughing at one point in the videos. Steph makes art fun while teaching tutorials. She was the first YouTuber that I started watching, and I still look forward to her videos every week. 

A recent addition to the cram as much knowledge of painting as possible binge is Jess Engle of Studio Jess. She is a fellow Texan so that automatically makes her fantastic. She's also an illustrator and children's author. Her fine art is abstract, but her illustrations are precious. She's another that's not afraid to mix things up. I think there's a theme here. Jess also gives insight into the life of a working artist and the struggles creatives face with self-doubt. She encourages her audience to keep making art. It doesn't have to be perfect. 

What do you subscribe to on YouTube? If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. 

Happy Creating,


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