Favorite Things: Organizational Tools

Finding a way to stay organized comes by trial and error. I've been looking for tools to keep me organized and still easy to use. You can relate, I'm sure. Here are a few of my favorite organizational tools that I can't live without.

Google Keep 
Writing notes is a daily occurrence. We make to do list, grocery lists, Christmas wish list, and business checklist. Keeping all of this organized can be overwhelming. Google Keep has been a life changer. You can use it on your phone and computer.

My husband and I use it for shared lists. We have a running grocery list that can be checked off when items are purchased. We also use it for an available meal list. Kevin constantly asks what I want for dinner. Now, he can look at the list and see what meals I have planned for each week. Whenever we create a new list that the other one needs to see, we add each other to that specific list. Fantastic!

Projects are a part of our business and running the home. Trello, is the tool my husband introduced me to a couple of weeks ago. It allows you to add projects which are called boards. Add a card to the board to organize your projects. You can assign specific tasks to different people, send comments about each item, and color code each project. Love it!

Three Subject Notebook from Pink Light Studio
One of my Christmas presents was a three subject notebook. I love writing down first drafts and outlines by hand. The problem, is that I have a dozen notebooks. This note book fits perfectly in my small computer bag or purse. I can take my writing with me, and the design is adorable. The cover is doubled over, and the tabs help me stay organized.

Google Drive
With all of the photos and documents we create on a daily basis, we needed something to stay organized. My hubby and I need to share documents, and Google Drive allows us this freedom. It provides one location for photos, documents, and anything else we need for our business. Most people know about Google Drive, but it's worth mentioning if you have forgotten about it.

Reading is like breathing. It must happen everyday or I lose my mind. Flipboard allows me to organize my reading into different magazines. Put in the topics of interest and create magazines to organize your content. It's an easy way to manage and archive articles you want to read later and save for reference. You will love the app for reading on the go. Follow my magazines here.

Organization can be frustrating, but with these tools they are a snap. Let me know what tools you use.

Happy Organizing,


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