Now a Vegan!


How many of you are vegan? According to a Harris Interactive Study, only eight million people in the United States are vegan. I'm joining their ranks.

At the beginning of 2016, Kevin and I changed our diet and began to exercise regularly. I thought the change would be immediate. We cut out most processed foods and even more sugar.  We ate so many greens, I thought my hair had green highlights.  After three months it was time for my physical. The results were not what I expected.

My cholesterol was high. 247! The doctor put me on the lowest dosage statin, and I was advised to see a dietitian. The changes we made were not enough. I needed to do something to lower my numbers.

The answer was becoming a vegan. For a person that is used to having cheese, this was a major change. Hello! I live in Texas. We were raised on steak and BBQ. The dietitian knew the change would be astronomical and suggested that I become 80% vegan.

The other 20% will be reserved for bacon!

Okay, it won't be all bacon. The point being, I have to make drastic changes to see minimal results. I'm not obese and my blood pressure is perfect. On the other hand, my mother had high cholesterol. Genes are playing a large role in the vegan ballet.

After a few months on the new diet, it was time for my follow up. The numbers were better than expected. My cholesterol is now 139! The good cholesterol is up, and the bad down. All the nights spent working out and eating the healthiest of food made a difference. If my numbers stay low, I hope to stop taking the statin.

If you are struggling with health issues, don't stop looking for answers. They may be in the most unlikely of places. Take control of your health.

Now a vegan,


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