How to Hire the Right Editor

You've written your heart out. You put your soul on paper. Perhaps, an executive asked you to represent the company and write the advertising brochures. What now? Do you submit it for publishing?


You need another set of eyes. Everyone can write. Some can write well. Giving your masterpiece to another person for scrutinize may seem like torture. However, putting your best work forward is worth the red marks covering the paper. An editor will correct grammar and sentence structure. They also give suggestions on the flow of the piece.

Where can you find an editor you can trust?

Finding an editor is easier than you think. Once you find an editor that understands your vision and writing style, you will never let her go.

Where to Find an Editor

I'll admit it! I have a Fiverr account. It was a great way to get work and experience fast. If you need an editor for a small piece and you write well, check out the freelancers waiting to sink their teeth into your work.

Yes, I have a profile on Freelancer as well. What did expect? I'm a freelance writer and editor. You can post a variety of projects on You will pay more for editing on this site, but you won't get first time editors either.

This is another great site for finding a knowledgeable editor. Like Freelancer, you will find serious editors. You pay for what you get.

Tips for Hiring an Editor

*Ask for references.
*Look at the editor's website and/or portfolio.
*Ask for samples of their work.
*Never ask for an editor to do a sample edit for you. A good editor will not give away free work.
*Network with freelancers. A graphic designer might know a freelance editor. Freelancers network, and so should you.
*Know your budget.

When you locate the perfect editor for you, don't lose her. She will make your writing sound amazing. The good news; you get all the credit!

Need an editor? Check out my services page. I help writers succeed!

Happy Writing,


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