Planning Our Summer Vacation

I love to travel! I don’t have a passport, and I don’t want to be too far from my children. But I love to travel. One day I will get a passport. I promise!

My hubs planned our honeymoon all by his lonesome. He did a fantastic job, by the way. I didn’t know where we were going until we headed out in our rented Ford Focus. We went to the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee and North Carolina.

At first I was disappointed. I wanted to go to the beach. After we arrived, I quickly changed my mind. We loved every minute of it. My husband wanted to take me to the beach, but it wasn’t in the cards. So, fifteen years later, we are headed for the beach. This will be our first week long vacation since our honeymoon. Do I have to tell you how excited I am?

We are going to Key West. I know it’s a crazy party town, but I have always wanted to go. People keeps saying we will be uncomfortable, but I plan on giving my undivided attention to my man.

Here are the things I’m looking forward to.
*The beach
*The sites
*Eating without being interrupted
*Going to the bathroom without someone following me
*Reading a book
*Fruity drinks
*Wear a bathing suit
*Not being asked 5,387 times a day why, why, why

Honestly, I love my children. We just need a vacation. My sister is a saint for watching my babies for a week. You rock, Rachel!

We plan to relax, but we also plan on seeing what Key West has to offer. Check out some of the items on our itinerary.

If you know something we must do or a must eat at restaurant, I’d love to hear about it. Have you been to Key West? Did you love it?


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