Book Review and Activities: How to Train a Train

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My kids love this book. The other night my youngest son asked for a pet train. I didn't know what to say. Mostly because I wanted him to go to sleep. After reading How to Train a Train by Jason Carter Eaton, it seems possible to own a train of your own. 

How-to books are all the rage right now, and it has spilled over into children's picture books. This how-to guide will direct your child in the correct way to bring home the right train. I love the part about how to capture your train. 

Read this book with a huge imagination, and it will reward you with endless possibilities. 

*Set up a train zoo. Gather all the toy trains and make little habitats for them. Give each train a name.
*Make a map of where the trains like to work and play.
*Have a train race.
*Make a train out of a cardboard box. Have the kiddos decorate and color it.
*Bring out the musical instruments for a locomotive sing-a-long. 

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