Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Child's Classmates

Last year my son was welcomed to the world of Valentine's Day at school. I had to idea you were supposed to put a sweet treat or goody with the card. Shouldn't there be a memo go out for these things? As a result, my son's Valentine cards were bare.

Not this year! I'm not a big fan of having candy in the house every day. As a result, I'm on the lookout for favors that won't give his classmates cavities. Dentist will hate me. 

Here are a few ideas to go with your child's Valentine's Day cards. 

Teach the guys at a young age to give jewelry. I'm only thinking of their future wives. Heart bracelets are great for passing out with a sweet card. 

Does your child use pencils at school? Put a pencil and a sharpeners with each card. Done!

Slinkies! Who doesn't like a slinky? It's a simple toy that will keep them occupied for at least five minutes. 

My children love stamps (even though I'm not a fan). Attach a princess stamp for the girls and a super hero stamp for the boys. 

More ideas:
Small sticker books
Small package of crayons
Little note pads
A silly straw for each classmate
A piece of fruit
Coupon for a free ice cream at Chick-Fil-A (Call ahead to see if your Chick-Fil-A will give you coupons)
Slap Bracelets (yes, they are back)

Check out the party favor aisle for more ideas. Don't forget to give a little gift card or special card to the teacher as well. 

Happy Valentine's Day,


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