Should You Use Walmart Grocery Pickup?

Have you heard of Wal-Mart's grocery pickup? It's not a new concept in the grocer world, but it's new to my area. Once I heard of this option, I began asking questions.

I've tried it twice now, and there are a few things to know before you get started.

1. Plan In Advance
If you want to pick up a few things the same day, then you are out of luck. You have to reserve your time slot for pickup. Usually the time slots are 48 hours out. If you need groceries now, it's best to go to the store.

2. Reserve a Time
Once you start shopping and reserve the pickup time, you will need to finish your shopping within 24 hours. The last time I reserved a time, I had less than four hours to finish my shopping. You have to check out to keep the reserved time you select. Pay attention when you select the reservation time because there will be a pop up box with the time you have to check out by.

The best option is to put all your items in the cart. You can also add your favorites or most frequently used items in the favorites category. This will keep you from looking up the same items every time. Once you reserve your time, then you check out. They will charge you when you check out online and not when you pickup the groceries.

3. Substitutions
I made the mistake of not paying attention to the substitution option when I checked out the first time. For instance, I needed a specific allergy medication. They didn't have it, so they substituted it for another brand. I didn't uncheck the substitution box for that item.

The next time, I unchecked the box for items that I did not want them to substitute.

4. Coupons
Unfortunately, there isn't an option to put in coupons for the grocery pickup.

5. Pickup
You will receive a call from the store when your groceries are ready to be picked up. When you are about 10-15 minutes out, you will need to call them back and let them know you are on the way. Once you arrive, go to the designated parking spot and call the same phone number. It takes a few minutes, and then they bring out your groceries. Check the list they have, the substitutions, and make sure they pulled everything on your list.

Using the grocery pickup has saved me about two hours of being in the store. The fact that I can do this instead of going to the store is awesome. Grocery shopping is one of my least favorite activities. It's well worth it, and I hope they continue to offer this service.

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