Recipes: Pinned and Approved

Have you tried a recipe on Pinterest and it was disgusting? Yea, me too. However, there are some that have become staples in our home. They are easy to fix, don't require a ton of ingredients, and are easy on the taste buds and the wallet.

Pull out your grocery list. You will want to put these meals on your meal planner.

In our house, we refer to this recipe from We Are Not Martha But Can't We Try as Avocado Toast. We simplified this recipe, but the concept is the same. I take regular bread and toast it. I spread guacamole or place slices of avocado on the toast. After that, I layer two slices of prosciutto and then top it off with scrambled eggs. Add a little salt and paper, and you have a delicious and protein packed breakfast.

Adding in veggies to every meal can get boring after a while. Okay, maybe after a couple of meals I'm done with trying to find another vegetable side dish. This is not the case with cheesy zucchini rice from The Baker Upstairs. I could eat this side dish once a week. And that's coming from a person who doesn't like zucchini.

Can you believe my children will eat squash bread? Me either! That's why I was floored when they asked for more. This recipe is a keeper, and it sneaks veggies in an unlikely place. Thank you, Zach for the recipe!

Yellow Bliss Road, you have outdone yourself with this recipe. The flavors in this dish are amazing, and it's forgiving. The other night we didn't have a can of tomatoes so we left them out. We added more chicken stock to compensate, and it turned out great.

 Pillsbury came up with a winning combination here. Add ham, cheese, and honey to a can of biscuits and you have a meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
Do you have recipes from Pinterest that are now a part of everyday life? I'd love to see your recipes. For more great recipes, check out my Pinterest board!

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