Looking Forward to 2016

Like most years there are ups and downs. 2015 had drastic twists and turns. My nephew was born, and my sister and I started a new business.

The most difficult was the lose of my mom. I will always miss my mom. She would want me to keep making goals and striving to improve. 

I'm looking ahead with anticipation, excitement, and making plans for the future. 

Have you read articles lately that say not to share your goals with others? The idea is if you tell people your plans then you will never accomplish them. 

I'm going to take a chance and list some of my professional goals for 2016. 

1. Continue to write children's picture books
2. Write two non-fiction books. 
3. Write a novel. 
4. Write a devotional. 
5. Grow my blog. 
6. Establish Sweet Tea Prints as a go to for printables and t-shirts. 

Every goal needs a plan of action with steps and deadlines. I'm using an editorial calendar to keep me on track. 

What was your favorite part of 2015?

What are you looking forward to in 2016?

Here's to 2016!


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