Etsy: Thanksgiving Printables

It's the week of Thanksgiving, and we are rushing around making the preparations for family and friends to arrive. The food has been bought, the house is being cleaned, and the last minute details are coming together.

If you are looking to add those last minute touches that make your home feel warm and inviting, check out these printables.

Add a touch of Thanksgiving to your walls. This printable from PeriWinkle Inc. will add a rustic and chic look to your home. 

While you finish cooking all the delicious food, keep the kiddos busy with an activity sheet from Day Signs by Day. Don't forget the crayons.

Place buffet cards from Inky Invite in front of every dish. That way you won't be asked 50 times, "What is that green dish?" You can also put the name of the person who made the dish. Then you will know who to ask for the recipe.

During halftime, pull out a festive bingo game from Popcorn Printables. Who doesn't like playing bingo? 

Finish your table decor with these beautiful place cards from EZ Printables. Everyone will know where to sit, and your table will look amazing.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!



  1. I love these ideas and the fact that they are instant printables. I really enjoy games, so the games for the kids and adults got me thinking of ways to add some extra fun to this Thanksgiving get together. Thanks again for finding all these great items!

  2. You're welcome, Jamie! There are so many creative shop owners at Etsy. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!