What is Sexy?

According to dosomething.org, "Approximately 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies and resort to dieting to achieve their ideal body shape. Unfortunately, only 5% of women naturally possess the body type often portrayed by Americans in the media."

Do you fall in the 91%? I certainly do. 

My entire marriage I have questioned if my husband still finds me attractive. I've had three babies and the smallest was eight pounds. My hips and thighs have stretch marks, and my tummy pouches and sags. I also cut my hair above my shoulders.

Growing up, my sister and I were taught what a woman should look like. A sexy woman has long hair that is always fixed, a skinny waist, and big boobs. A sexy woman is to look put together at all times, and she is responsible for her husband's fidelity. After all, if he cheats it’s probably because you gained weight or stopped trying to be sexy. 

Over the years I've driven my husband crazy by asking so many times if he still wants me. Thankfully he has been patient with me and understands that my self-image was damaged by someone who has a skewed view of women. 

It’s taken a long time, but I'm beginning to understand that the person who needs to think I'm sexy is my husband. His opinion is the only one that matters. Does he want me, does he find me attractive, and does he understand that my body has gone through tremendous changes because I grew three human beings in my body?

He does.

It's all about perspective. When I stop comparing my body to other women, I start having a healthier body image. Please know that I'm a work in progress. I am realizing that I'm not perfect and that's ok. Trying to fit every woman into one mold is unrealistic.

Our cup size, the number on the tag of our jeans, or the length of our hair does not determine our level of sexiness. God made us. We are beautiful. 

As long as we strive to be healthy and take care of ourselves, then we are sexy.

What are your thoughts? Do you compare yourself to others, or do you stand confident in front of the mirror?


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