4 Ways to Ensure a Successful Fundraising Event

Have you ever attended a silent auction, a bake sale, or bought raffle tickets at the PTA meeting? What brought you out to the event? Holding a successful fundraiser is easy if you know what drives people to the event. Include these element in your next fundraiser for amazing results.

Do Your Homework
Knowing your target audience is key for running a successful fundraiser. This will determine your door prizes, auction items, and the time for the event. For example, if you are hosting a fundraising gala, your attendees will be different than those attending a church bake sale. Plan accordingly for the best results.

Get The Word Out
The most important aspect of the fundraiser is getting people to show up. Send out newsletters, invitations, press releases, emails, and blast social media with the event information. Giving people advanced notice will help your attendance numbers. Offer everyone that RSVP's by a certain date automatic entry for raffle or door prize. Get creative, and the crowd will show up.

I entered my fabulous lemon pie into a bake auction a very long time ago. There was a little boy who was in the class I taught, and he was determined to win the lemon pie. My boyfriend also wanted to win the pie. The biding started at $5, but it quickly became a battle between the two. During the banter, I gave Kevin (my boyfriend, now husband) a look to back off. The little boy was only four, and he had been looking forward to the bake sale all month.

If you offer prizes that everyone wants, then people will be happy to open their wallets. Select appropriate prizes for the event, and watch the fundraising dollars rise.

To sweeten the deal for the company or person donating the prize, list them as sponsors with the company information on every piece of material. Also give them a space to set up a booth at the event. Work your event planning magic, and offer amazing prizes.

No one feels like spending money in a stark, boring venue. Liven up the place with music, decorations, drinks, and appetizers. Create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Keep the fundraiser on a schedule and a steady pace. You want the guests to stay engaged and entertained. Set the right atmosphere for the best results.

Fundraising is exciting as a career or as a volunteer. You raise money for projects that you are passionate about, and you get to party at the same time. Do you have a favorite fundraiser prize? I'd love to hear about it.


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