12 Alternatives to Halloween Candy

As a kid, it was disappointing to see anything but chocolate in my trick-or-treat basket. Now, as an adult I don't mind seeing little toys and goodies along with the candy in my kids' pumpkin pale. If you are a health conscience parent or neighbor, try a few of these alternatives to Halloween candy.

*Bouncy Balls
*Tiny bottles of bubbles
*Noise Makers
*Coupons for free ice cream. (Ask your local Chick-Fil-A for a stack of free ice cream cards. The kids will love it)
*Crazy Straws
*Silly Putty
*Little Hand Soaps (Preferably in the shape of pumpkins)
*Beaded Necklaces

Party supply stores and the dollar store are great places to look for candy alternatives. The party favor section has a variety of cheap toys. Check out Etsy for handmade goods like soaps, stickers, and small party favors.

With so many children allergic to different foods, it's a good idea to offer a candy bowl and an alternative bowl of toys.  What do you plan on passing out this Halloween?

Have a safe Halloween,


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