Say Goodbye to the Pacifier For Good!

Thankfully none of my children have been thumb suckers. Weaning from a pacifier is much easier than the thumb. After all, you can't exactly cut the child's thumb off.

If it's time to say goodbye to the pacifier once in for all, use one of these tips for making the transition smooth. 

1. Give the Pacifier a Trim
Take scissors and cut the very tip off the pacifier. After a couple of days cut more off the pacifier. Continue cutting more and more every couple of days until your child no longer wants the pacifier. Toddlers don't want a pacifier that doesn't work. 

2. Restrict Pacifier Time
I used this method with my middle child and it worked wonderfully. When you are ready to wean, explain that the pacifier is to stay in the crib or toddler bed only. If the child cries for the pacifier then put him back in bed. When the child wants out of the bed then leave the pacifier in the bed. It took a few days of explaining that the pacifier now only lived in the bed. My son soon figured out that if he wanted to play, he had to leave the pacifier in bed. After a couple of months he didn't want it anymore, and it disappeared. 

3. The Lost Pacifier 
If you chose to use this method, start early. Every time your child loses a pacifier it's gone for good. Explain to the child that once he loses the pacifier it will not come back. The child will quickly learn to hold on to the pacifiers, and you may have to get creative with the binkie disappearing act. When your child no longer asks for it, then throw away the last pacifier. You may want to throw a goodbye party for the last pacifier before it goes to binkie heaven. 

No matter which method you use, make sure your child is ready to be weaned. Don't wean from the pacifier when the child is sick or teething. Also, I wouldn't recommend weaning around the holidays.

A good age to start weaning is 13-18 months. My goal is to have my children completely weaned no later than 18 months. 

Do you have a pacifier weaning method that worked for you? I would love to hear it. I have one more baby to wean before we are completely done with pacifiers. 

You can do it,


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