5 Fun Things To Do Before The End Of Summer

Can you believe that summer is almost over? School is fast approaching, the harvest decor is out in store fronts, and the smell of pumpkin fills the air. Wait! I'm not done with the summer fun list!

The long nights of summer won't last forever. Here are a few things I want to do before summer fades to autumn.

Homemade Ice Cream
We still do not own an ice cream maker, and I intend to change that before the end of summer.  Homemade vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup is one of the best things you will ever eat.

End of Summer Party
Before the madness of scheduling consumes our very existence and bedtime is set in stone, we need to host an end of summer bash. Getting together with friends and family will be the highlight of the summer, and I love hosting parties. Maybe I should combine the homemade ice cream with the party.

Water Gun Fight
How is it possible that summer is almost over, and we have yet to have a water gun fight. I bought the guys water guns, so this is going to happen. The only problem is that I didn't buy one for me. Oops!

Wildlife Refuge 
You get a different experience at a wildlife refuge than you would at a zoo. The kiddos love animals, and it's too hot for a day trip to the zoo. Visiting a refuge is a great alternative, and provides entertainment and sneaks in a little education.

Thrift Shopping
Summer is one of the best times to go to thrift stores and garage sales. I need to check out the local deals and maybe find home decor projects. Who doesn't like a little haggling during the early morning hours of summer?

What have you not checked off your summer fun list? Leave me your ideas in the comments while I finish up summer the right way.

Happy Summer,


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