French Country Kitchen Update

 Right away I knew how to decorate my kitchen in our new home. The French country style works perfectly with the bright yellow walls. I went shopping at an antique store and found two beautiful plates to start my collection. 

My aunt attended the baby shower that I threw for my sister, and she saw my meager plate wall. She said that I could have her extra plates and bowls which were stored in an old cabinet. I was thrilled! A couple of weeks later she came by, and I made my selection from her collection. They were all so beautiful, and it was heard to narrow my choices. After making my decision, I laid out the plates how I wanted them to hang on the wall.   

I used a combination of plate hooks and the above adhesive hangers. My aunt suggested that I dip the entire adhesive hanger in water. Then let the excess water run off the hanger. I set is aside for three minutes before pressing it onto the back of the plates. The adhesive hanger worked like a charm, and it holds really well. 

My French country kitchen is coming together, and when it is complete I will show all the before and after pictures. Do you decorate with antiques or plates? 

Happy Decorating,


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