7 Tips For Fighting Boredom As a Mom

Let's get one thing straight. Boredom and nothing to do are totally different things. As a mom you are constantly going, busy, and running. You nurture the kids, do mountains of laundry, cook, and clean over and over every day. That is busy. You can be bored and busy at the same time.

Boredom is when you are not mentally stimulated. As a mom, it's easy to become bored with the duties of motherhood. (Please no emails that I'm a terrible mom) I love being a mom and wouldn't change it for the world. At the same time, I'm an adult and can only take some many renditions of the Thomas the Train theme song. I need more than wiping mouths and butts.

If you are looking for ways to stay mentally engaged while taking care of your child, then that is completely understandable. Here are a few ideas that might interest you.

#1 Leave
Getting out of the house for an hour or so can awaken the senses and breath new life into your bored self. You will get new ideas for a craft, your home business, redecorating, or just do something fun. The four walls of your house can close in on you, so leave. Please make sure the kids are with someone you trust before bolting out the door.

#2 Network
Business owners are not the only people that need to build a network. Join mommy groups, get involved in community activities, and attend play dates. Socializing is key to building a village and to maintain your sanity. We were never meant to be moms without a network.

#3 Classes
Sometimes the only way to be mentally engaged is to learn. Take classes at the local library, community center, or university. If you have always wanted to learn to bake, take a class. If you want to get your masters degree, take classes. You will learn a new skill, meet new people, and possibly find a new venture.

#4 Hobby
I know shopping at Hobby Lobby could be considered a hobby for some of us, but you need to develop a hobby that is a stress reliever. It needs to be something you enjoy doing. If you have trouble thinking of possible hobbies, then remember what you enjoyed doing as a child. Did you love painting? Did you love to bake or sew? Were you the junior league bowling champ back in the day? Revisit these old interests, and you may find a new love.

#5 Exercise
Working out is not only great for your body, but it also stimulates the mind. Taking a walk after dinner can give you new ideas for tomorrow's activities. Yoga is soothing, and opens up the mind to new possibilities. Stimulate the body, and it will stimulate the mind.

#6 Read
Not everyone is a reader, and I get that. Before having children, I could finish a book in one week. Now, I'm lucky if I finish one in a month. Your priorities change, and time to read diminishes. Set aside ten minutes each day to read the genre of your choice. You'll be amazed what happens when you give yourself time to read.

#7 Volunteer
Putting your energy toward something bigger than yourself will keep you from getting bored. Offer to bring a meal to an elderly neighbor once a week. Serve meals at a homeless shelter once a month. Organize a fundraiser for your favorite charity. The possibilities are endless.

The tasks of motherhood are rewarding, and they can be mundane. We love our children so much that we put ourselves last. You have a brain, and you need to stimulate it. Memorizing all of the cartoon theme songs is not an option. Brainstorm ideas and fight mommy boredom.


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