Cowgirl Birthday Party

It's happened! My baby has turned one. Since this was the last first birthday party I would plan, I wanted it to be great. We decided to leave the princess themes for when she's a little older. We may be drowning in princess stuff in the near future.

The theme for this happy soiree was cowgirl. I decorated with pink, purple, and twinkle lights. Can you have a little girl party without twinkle lights? I think not!


Happy birthday to my little princess! Alayna's birthday shirt was a gift from my friend Michelle at Chelle Belle Baby. It's adorable!

The decorations were simple but cute. I used cow print balloons, pink balloons, pink and purple crape paper, and twinkle lights for the decorations.

The happy birthday and howdy banners are from Marigold Mom. It's a free printable, and it's adorable.

For the tablescape, I used hay bales and farm animals as the centerpiece.

I made the snack cards by using Publisher. The snacks were hay bales (Twinkies), trail mix, wild west grapes, and golden nuggets (chicken nuggets). These were a big hit with the kiddos.

Don't the kiddos look intrigued? I was explaining a game called Pop the Pig. (I drew pig faces on the pink balloons) Inside one of the balloons was a piece of paper that read winner. The first child to pop the winning pig won. 

As you can see, the kids loved this game. I put blank pieces of paper in different balloons in case some of the kids decided to shake the pigs before popping them. They were too excited to pick the balloons and shake them.

Another game we played was Pony Express. It works just like hot potato. When the music plays they kids pass the horse around, and when the music stops the one holding the horse is out. The last one not holding the horse wins.

As the guests started to leave, we passed out the party favors. I placed them in a brown paper bags and tied them with twine. 

We had a great time at baby girl's birthday party. The guests battle the terrible weather to come celebrate our baby, and we are so blessed to have friends and family that love her so much. I look forward to planning many more girly birthday parties. 


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