Easy Chore System for Children

Teaching children responsibility is not the easiest thing to accomplish. You have to instill a good work ethic, taking pride in doing a good job, and that we sometimes have to do things we really don't want to do. I searched high and low for a chore system that would help my children visualize what needed to be done and the rewards that go along with doing a job well done. I must admit that this is still a work in progress, and I learn new ways to tweak this system every day. Hopefully it will give you ideas for implementing a chore system that works for your family.

Each of my children (excluding the baby) have a chore list on the back of their bedroom door. It lets them know what I expect them to accomplish every day. They are given one point for finishing everything on this list each day.

I also have 3 x 5 index cards on which I have written extra chores. They are required to do one chore from the stack of cards every other day.

Here are a few ideas for chores.
*Put up everything from under your bed in the correct place.
*Clean out the trash in the van.
*Dust all the furniture.
*Sweep the front and back porch.
*Take out the trash throughout the house.
*Clean the bathroom counter tops.

Reward System
We keep a running tally of the boys' points on the menu board in the kitchen. At any given time they can see the points they have earned. When they have earned enough points, they can "cash the points out".  So far they only want to save up enough for tablet time, but it's a start. 

I also make the point system flexible. For instance, my eldest child wants to earn money for things instead of points. I assign a monetary value to the chores and keep a running total on the menu board. 

I hope this gives you a brilliant idea for teaching your children the importance of helping out around the house. Please share your chore ideas with us.


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