Rewards to Use When Potty Training

When it comes to rewards, each parent is different. I did not like the idea of bribing or rewarding my children with candy or food. My boys have a sweet tooth that would make any dentist smile with delight.  I needed a reward that would not contribute to our dental deductible.

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The boys loved stickers as a reward. Every time they went pee in the potty without an accident, they received a sticker. If they went poop in the potty, then they would get two stickers. My first child wanted to put it on the calendar, but my second child wanted to wear the sticker like a badge.

Other Reward Options:
1. Reward with technology. Offer five to ten minutes of iPad time for going in the potty.
2. After an accident-free day, the child gets to pick a small toy from a bucket.
3. If the child doesn't have an accident for one week, then they can have a special treat. For example, ice cream or a trip to the zoo.
4. Most children respond well to praise. I would include this with a prize or sticker. They need to hear how proud you are of their accomplishment. Sing a happy song, jump up and down, blow a noise maker, and clap your hands every time she goes in the potty.

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