Making Your House Feel Like a Home

When you move into a house that someone else has lived in, it can fell like temporary housing. It can take months or even longer to feel like you belong in that house. Adding a few personal touches to your house can make it feel like home almost immediately.

PaintA little paint can go a long way. If you are able to paint before moving in, this will help the house feel like home even sooner.

An initial wreath 
Place a decorative element on the front door. Every time you come home you will be greeted by something personal and pretty.

Add curtains to as many rooms as you want. They will add a soft and welcoming touch to each room.

Get rid of all the boxes
It never fails, when you move there are always things left in boxes. Find a place for everything. If you don't use it, then donate it or throw it away.  Getting rid of all the boxes will feel like you are settled in your home.

Change out the toilet seats
Okay, this might sound like I'm being picky, but I really like having a new seat for each bathroom.

Hang artwork and pictures on the walls
The most visible way to make a house a home is to add artwork and family photographs to the walls. Surrounding yourself with your things and the people you love will give your home a personal and welcoming touch.

What have you done to make your house a home? 


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