Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas

It's the day before Valentine's Day and you have nothing planned. The cards are completely picked over, the only flowers left are wilted, and you have no reservations. Don't worry! There are plenty of romantic things you can do for your sweetheart on short notice.

*Buy a printable card from Etsy
*Write a love letter to your sweetheart
*Leave post-its all over the house for your love to find

Dinner Plans
*Make dinner and dine by candle light
*Have a picnic
*If it's too cold for a picnic, then have a romantic dinner in the car under the stars
*Order his/her favorite meal as carry out and take it to the place where you met

Last Minute Date Ideas
*Rent a fancy sports car and go for a ride
*Relive your first date
*Go ice skating
*Go to a chocolate shop and select your favorite sweet treats
*Challenge each other at arcade games
*Play strip poker
*Pick up a box of macaroons from your local bakery

Happy Valentine's Day! And Don't Panic!


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