Interview with Party Planner Berkley Berry

Party planning is near and dear to my heart. The smiles you see when a surprise party is pulled off without a hitch, the decorations that bring a party to life, and the pure joy parties can bring to people is why celebrations will continue on for generations. Berkley Berry is one of those people that brings joy to all of her clients. She is a professional party planner and co-owner of Parties on the Porch. Don't you just love the name of her business? It makes me want a big glass of sweet tea and invite everyone over for brunch. I hope you enjoy the interview and great words of advice from Berkely. 

Please tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Berkley Berry and I’m a native Texan who grew up in the Dallas area, went to Texas Tech, and eventually made my way back to the metroplex. After college, I had the privilege of working with many families as a speech-language pathologist for over 15 years before I had my daughter, Riley, and became a stay at home mama. I’ve always loved planning, hosting, and throwing all kinds of parties so knew this was a great next step for me as I juggle being a wife, mom, daughter, and friend. My husband, Ronnie, and I enjoy lots of sporting events and cheer for the Red Raiders, Cowboys, Mavs, and Rangers. We are big fans of Cabo and our church. Mainly, we just love hanging out with our daughter while watching her become her little self!

What made you decide to be a party planner? 
While I always enjoyed planning parties, it was more of a hobby until Parties on the Porch was officially underway!   With the support of my husband and a great business partner, I've been able to make this a real world adventure.  I love everything about parties: the planning, the coordinating, the creativity, the preparation, the event itself, and the guests' reactions.  I appreciate a good party with a good theme!  It's something I knew would make me happy and that I could do for years to come.

Did motherhood influence your decision to start your own business?
It actually did due to the fact that I couldn't continue my previous profession and be home with our daughter.  Starting Parties on the Porch allowed the best of both worlds -  to be at home with my little one while still doing something I love.   It gives me my creative outlet and allows some adult interaction, both of which are always welcome!   I can do my work during nap and after bedtime and still be Mom during the rest of the day.  Win-win!

What is it like having a business partner? 
I love having a business partner!  Kelly is a successful business owner and is wonderful to bounce ideas off of.  We can struggle with something and just need to have a quick discussion to talk it through and find an answer.  It's great not to have to do it alone!  We might not always agree 100% but we always agree to do what's best for the business, for our clients, and the future.   We like to aim high!

What is the most rewarding thing about owning your own business? What do you struggle with as a small business owner?
Hands down, seeing the smiles of the clients and their guests.  We are still a fairly new business so there are struggles in finding our niche as well as being sure we balance work and family time.

Tell us about the most memorable party you have planned?
Every time we do a party, I think it is my favorite!  I loved our art party because the guests had a great time creating their "masterpiece" and at our spa party because the girls thought they were in heaven!

What advice would you give a mom who wants to start a party planning business?
Think of a service you would purchase, that your friends would purchase and that you would love doing every day then go for it!  You never know til you try!

Thank you, Berkley for stopping by today! Parties on the Porch is offering a special of $250 off their party package if you book before April 15th. Wow! Contact them today to reserve your party date and discount!


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  1. I had a pretty loose vision and was willing to let the experts do their work and my event coordinator handled that beautifully - I would bet on her being able to perfectly execute a more detailed-oriented vision as well.