Interview: Professional Organizer

One of the main goals in life is to get a handle on all the stuff that floats around our homes. Sharon Schierling is a professional organizer, and she helps people get their lives organized. Most people need a little help in this area, and Sharon offers some great advice.

Tell us a little about yourself, Sharon.
I'm married with two grown children, and I have been organizing for the last 8 years. In my free time I enjoy biking, reading, gardening and traveling.

How did you become a professional organizer? 
I wanted to start a business and the opportunity to buy an established organizing business was presented to me by a friend. Since I had a natural affinity for organizing and a business degree it seemed like a good fit.

What is the best thing and the worst thing about organizing another person's home.  The best thing is helping people who are "stuck".  The worst thing about my business are people who just can't get better.

What question are you asked the most about organizing? 
I’m always asked if I’m super organized.

If you could give us one tip for organizing our own homes, what would it be?
Find a place for everything you own to live permanently and put it back each time you are finished using it.

What is the first thing we should do every morning to help us stay organized?
Get up early enough to clean up after yourself and make your bed.  Staying organized takes discipline and creating new habits that will keep you organized.  Getting organized is easy, staying that way requires commitment.

Thanks for all the great organizing tips, Sharon. 


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