Home Office Makeover

The home office is used every day, and when we moved in our house it was in need of some major help. The walls were a weird mint green color, and the only thing going for it was the amazing southern exposure sunlight streaming through the blinds.

I wanted to use a souvenir from our honeymoon as a jumping off point for decorating the office. It has never held a special location in any of our homes. The vase was made by a Native American tribe in the Smoky Mountains. I know they probably make a million of these vases, but it has always held a special place in my heart.

The office must have been a playroom in another life. It was the only way to explain the green paint and rolling hills painted on the angled walls. 

The office now serves as a work place for my writing, my husband's at home consulting job, craft room, sewing room, and art room.

We painted the walls a welcoming gray and left the ceiling white. I didn't want the room to feel like a cave, and leaving the ceiling white made a big difference. The walls and furniture are on the darker side, but the curtains are the splash of color that the office needs. It took forever to find orange curtains that didn't look like they belonged in a motel. (Curtains were in store only at Target)

The office is the only room in the house that has a contemporary feel to it, and I wanted to add industrial lamps to complete the look. The lamps are from Ikea.

I needed storage for all of my craft and sewing supplies, and this white cabinet works splendidly. It also doubles as a sitting area. The chair belonged to my mother, and I love that it matches everything in the office.

The door is just to the right in this picture. My sewing machine and sewing supplies fit perfectly within this space.

As you walk into the office the easel and the painting my mother made greets you at the door. Our bookshelf is filled with just books. I know you are supposed to arrange the bookshelf with other objects, but we have too many books. The stamps are from my collection, and the antlers are Kevin's. Since we share an office, I wanted to add some masculine touches for him and some feminine elements for me. 

This little clock from Brighton was also my mother's. A girl needs a little bling on her desk.

The vase from our honeymoon sits front and center on the bookshelf. After thirteen years of marriage it finally has a place to call home.

Our office is the first of many rooms that will receive makeovers in our home. It had quiet the transformation, and now I look forward to working in our new office. I already have the next project in my sights, and I'll share it with you soon.


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