Book Review and Activities: Red Wagon

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Red Wagon by Renata Liwska, is a picture book filled with disguised adventure. The little fox only wants to play, but her mother has other plans. After reluctantly going on an errand, the little fox quickly becomes engulfed in her journey. The wagon turns into a ship, a rocket, and even a train. When children use their imagination, even the most mundane tasks become exciting.

*If you have a wagon, go for a walk. You never know what may be around the corner.
*Go to the zoo and look for all the animals in the book.
*Fill the bathtub up and let your child pretend to sail the great seas.
*Go to your local market to buy fresh veggies and fruits. Let your child pick out something new to try.
*Have your child read the book to you. Even if he can't read, he can tell the story by using the pictures. You may be surprised by the story he contrives.

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