New Year's Goals for 2015

Everyone seems to hate the word resolution. It must be too drastic of a word, or maybe people can't handle the instant change that must happen to keep new year's resolutions. Give yourself time people! New habits take time. I have tried the last couple of years to set goals for myself starting in January. I reach some, and others I'm still striving to attain.

In 2015 I'm adding to the list of unaccomplished goals from last year. Here's a quick list of my goals for 2015. I would love for you to share your goals. It always helps to put them on paper or tell them to someone you love. It makes the goals seem more real and tangible. 

*My business is starting to grow. I would love to acquire more clients and grow even more.
*Publish more eBooks
*Have a book published with a publishing house
*Lose the baby weight and lower my cholesterol
*Consistently reach 10,000 page views on my blog
*Write down more of my kids' funny quotes. Play more with my children without feeling guilty about it.
*Read more
*Grow friendships
*Have regular date nights with my hubby. (I'd better text the sitter now.)
*Enter writing competitions
*Volunteer in some capacity throughout the year (I feel like God is wanting me to step out of my comfort zone a bit)

My list may change a little throughout the year, but you get the jest. Most of my goals revolve around family, my writing, sharing Christ, and being healthy. 

Happy 2015, and I hope you reach your goals.


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