Five Ways to Encourage Your Husband

Whether men want to admit it or not, they need to know they are loved, appreciated, and respected. It makes them better providers, better fathers and husbands, and better to be around. Kevin has been stressed about work for the last couple of weeks, and he could use some encouragement. Here are a five things I do to boost my husband's spirits.

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1. Pray for your husband. God knows exactly how your husband is feeling and knows the best way to fix what is bothering him. Pray for him in your alone time, but also pray over him. Let your husband know that you are praying for him and that he is on your mind.

2. Send him encouraging messages. Put a post-it on the mirror or in his shoe that let's him know how much you love him. Send a text message stating what a great provider he is for your family. Have the kids write thank yous and I love yous on a poster to welcome him home from work. Even the smallest note of encouragement, can make his day better.

3. Plan a date night. We have three little ones so we don't always get out of the house for date night, but I do try to plan an out of the house date once a month. Take the time to plan a date that is full of what he enjoys. Go to a driving range, take a cooking class, or go to a new coffee shop. You  know your husband the best, and you know what will make him stop stressing and start smiling. 

4. Give your hubby some oxytocin. Okay, you can't really give him oxytocin, but you can give him a hug. Dr. Kathleen C. Light of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill did a study on oxytocin. She found that warm, physical touching releases oxytocin in our bloodstream. It not only makes us feel good, but it relieves stress, improves mood, and reduces blood pressure. So, give your man a hug. It may lead to other things, and that is considered a stress reliever too. 

5. Talk it out. Not all men are good communicators, but they still need to get things off their chest. Be a listening ear. Don't interrupt, and offer solutions when asked. Sometimes just letting him talk out loud can help relieve his stress, and it will help him come up with the solution to the problem.

Do you have any ideas for relieving stress?


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