Added Bathroom Storage

One thing I didn't notice when we bought our house last August was that there is no linen closet. Thankfully we have under counter storage in both upstairs bathrooms, but it's not enough for toiletries, towels, medications, and everything else that goes in a bathroom. The space above the toilet in the kids' bathroom is an empty canvas waiting to be filled. I wanted to buy a yellow cabinet to hang on the wall to go with the ducky theme, but I couldn't find anything that struck my fancy. I had two shelves that were not being used, and they would fit perfectly in the space. They only needed to be painted.

The shelves were already a fire engine red and a forest green, and neither color would go with the bathroom. 

I sanded the shelves lightly to give the paint something to hold on to. Yes, I have my husband's gloves on. A girl doesn't want to ruin her manicure to sand shelves. 

After looking through all the colors of paint in my craft room/office/studio, I found this lovely sapphire blue. It matched the bathroom perfectly. 

After two coats of paint, the shelves were ready to hang. If you look really closely you can see a bit of red or green underneath the blue paint. I didn't want it to look pristine, but not really distressed either. Because I didn't use a primer, the paint bled through just enough.

Now we have extra storage in the kids' bathroom for duckies, toilet paper, and anything else. I think I will buy a basket for the toilet paper though. It  looks a little odd just sitting there. 

On to more projects!


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