Quiet Travel Bags for Kids

Tis the season to load up the car, drive long distances with little ones. After one hour they turn into caged animals who screech at the top of their lungs and cause parents to develop an odd twitch. This will happen to you unless you have a plan. The quiet bag is your friend, and it will help maintain your sanity on long road trips or flights.

Ideas for a quiet bag:
New toy (hot wheels, my little pony, small dinosaur) 
Small Coloring book with a small package of crayons
Put small toys inside Easter eggs and let them discover what is inside. They will put them back together again and then take them apart.
Metal lunch box with magnets
Felt book
New book
Sock Puppet
Mr. Potato Head

The key to success with the quiet travel bag is to do not let the kiddos see what is inside the bag until you get on the road. Divide the quiet bag into a few little bags for long trips. After every stop, give your child a new bag. Put three items in each bag, and they can pick which toys to play with until they next stop. 

What items would you include in the quiet travel bag? 

Have a safe, fun, and quiet trip.


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