Store Snob

Do you have a store that you prefer to shop at above all others? The other day, I was talking to Kevin about the reasons I prefer to shop at Target verses Walmart. They have more coupons, they have a better selection, the prices are better, and their store is cleaner.
Kevin interjected, "You're a store snob, aren't you?" 

I quickly responded, "No, I'm not!"  Well, maybe I am. 

The Wal-mart is five minutes away, but Target is about twenty minutes down the road. I prefer shopping at a clean store, I prefer saving money (even if I have to drive a bit), and I prefer the selection.

Some people judge by the label, and that is unfortunate. If you can pull off an amazing look at thrift store prices, then you are talented. One of my friends took her children to Goodwill when they were in school. Her daughters put cute outfits together, but didn't feel comfortable telling their friends where they purchased their clothing. Susan told her daughters to tell their friends that they bought their clothes from GW. The friends thought it was a trending store and left it at that.

I don't think there is anything with preferring one store over another, as long as you don't look down your nose at those who buy their goods and clothing from somewhere else.

What are your thoughts? Are you a store snob?


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  1. I used to be a store snob. When I was younger, I would've never shopped at a thrifty store, but now I love finding treasures there.

    1. Thrift stores are amazing, and I have come to embrace them even more now that I have children. I completely agree with you. There are treasures waiting to be found in thrift stores.