Office Make-Over Preview

One of the many reasons we moved was because of my husband's job. He started working for a company that allows him to  work from home. At our rent house, our office was located in our bedroom. This meant that when I needed to use the bathroom, do laundry, or make the bed my husband was interrupted by us going back and forth. When I say "us", I am referring to the fact that my children must follow me everywhere and be underfoot at all times. It was like a circus invading Kevin's office every 30 minutes.

We needed a separate space for our bedroom and the office. Our new house is perfect for this. The office has its own staircase and sits above the garage. Kevin now has a quiet place to take client calls, and I have a quiet and removed space to write. 

There was just one problem with the office. It was painted a bright mint green color with rolling hills along the vaulted ceiling. It must have previously been a  playroom. As soon as we moved in, I started looking at paint colors and gathering ideas for our home office. 

My amazing friend, Alyson came over one night last week and helped us paint the office a cool grey. 

So far we have painted, added desk space, and a bookshelf. I even have a designated place for my sewing machine. The office is not finished, but it's getting close. I can't wait to share the final result with you. 


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